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How did our life with Leonbergers begin

Our breeding kennel Od Brdské studánky was registrated in 2002. We named the kennels after our favourite place in Brdy Woods where we often go for a walk.

How did our life with Leonbergers begin? How did we choose this breed? Our grand mother wanted a black dog, parents preferred a middle-sized one to be kept outside the house (that was their priority) Wink so we chose Leonberger that definitely met all these conditions!Tongue Out

Bessy - Bessy pod Tisem - our first leonberger - was born 16.5.1998 in the kennels of Pod tisem owned by Petr Blecha from Čelákovice. Bessy had 3 brothers and 5 sisters. We brought her home in July 1998. When my aunt first saw her, she called her Medoušek (Honey) Cool All her family called Bessy this way since then. Bessy was a lively puppy and we realized very soon that it would be necessary to find some fun and entertainment for her because, to be honest, we did not appreciate her games as a "Trench Warfare" or "Gnaw-This-Trees-or-I-will" too much Wink

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What's next ... 2009-2011

First half of 2009 was an exciting period of waiting for new puppies. We bought toys and prepared books, collars, leashes and beds for them - maybe a little early, but they will sure come useful. When born, the puppies will take all our time. 


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What's next ... 2012-2014

We mated Debbie with a young dog from Rosaceae kennel - Rosaceae Juncelles "Flinn". Flinn is a beautiful big dog with long fur, a very black mask and eyes, and very friendly behaviour. Debbie liked him so much that on February 1, 2012, she delivered 5 lovely puppies of litter F - 4 males and 1 female. 


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What's next ... 2015-2017

Tess went into heat right at the beginning of 2015. She was mated with a beautiful male Dexter v. Nonnenwald. Dexter is imported from Germany and he is a typical well-built leon with lovely hair, a black mask and dark eyes. Ten puppies of Litter H were born on March 9, 2015. 

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Trips with our leos


We love walking and going for trips with our friends and relations. You will find photos taken during the meeting of Bessy, Bára and their offsprings in this gallery, too. It is wonderful to watch how these little bears are turning into handsome dog gentlemen and beautiful dog ladies Smile



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What nowhere could not fit

We can watch a stork nest from our yard with its residents fighting for it and their right to raise their young ones there who, as soon as they learn to fly, set off for their long journey to the south - of course we do not watch their migration continuously, they just do not return home one day and their nest becomes an empty and sad place for the rest of autumn and whole winter.

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Just a few words at the end

I would like to thank you for all the nice letters that you send to us, for your nice photos and especially for participation in our collective trips.... thanks so much!!!


We hope you will enjoy our website.

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