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What's next ... 2012-2014

We mated Debbie with a young dog from Rosaceae kennel - Rosaceae Juncelles "Flinn". Flinn is a beautiful big dog with long fur, a very black mask and eyes, and very friendly behaviour. Debbie liked him so much that on February 1, 2012, she delivered 5 lovely puppies of litter F - 4 males and 1 female. 

Look how fast they were growing...

and growing...

Quickly, they were ready to leave us and go to their new families. Only Fairy's family had to wait for her for a while, because she needed to be tested for for rabies first. We got used to her during the two months and were really sad when she finally left us. And not only us, but all pack of our dogs.

Therefore - although we had never wanted more than three dogs - therefore we got in touch our friends from Rosaceae kennels and a few days later, we brought Tess. Full of energy and never idle, she started digging the garden immediately as well as fishing in a nearby pond and rebuilding our house. After a few hours, we began calling her "Little Tasmanian Devil".

Oh, I almost forgot - Tess's official name is Rosaceae Thevetia which is a sort of oleander.


Nothing important done in the first half of 2013. Smile Description of our walks follows.... Cool


Sad news came in April 2013 - Barča's brother Barros died Cry We loved Barros not just for his beauty but also for his nature. He used to join us on our trips and we were always happy to see him. Hope he enjoyed seeing us too. It was Debbie's son Gardo that compensated for the loss.


In May 2013, the litter A celebrated its 10th birthday. Alfík's owners let us hear from them. He is fit and we wish him cheerful mind and sound health. Smile


Barča and her brothers from the breed B celebrated their 8th birthday and reached dog retirement age. Smile Barča keeps her joy of life and motion, and becomes increasingly astute and inventive every year so that she is becoming just like her cunning mum Bess.  Tongue Out She bears a strong resemlance to her... Cool


Tess grew up and celebrated her 1st birthday in May - time to meet the first step of being able to breed - checking of young dogs. She passed it in September at the MSKCHPL club meeting.



We attended only two shows in 2013. In the mid September Tessa and Barča registered for MSKCHPL club show in Zubří and in the end of September Tess and Fabián took part in the international show in Austrian Telln.
In Zubří, Tess got excellent and fourth place and Barča got excellent and second place in the veteran class Cool 

Tulln was even more interesting. Fabián got excellent 1, CAC and res. CACIB. We were really happy! And then Tess surprissed us when she got excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, Bundessieger and BOB!!! As a bonus, she was nominated for Crufts 2014 Wink We were so proud!!! Cool



In October, Elisabeth od Brdské studánky, took part in her first show held in České Budějovice and she got excellent 1, CAC and res. CACIB!!! Congratulations!!! Lízinka also has a negative result of LPN1 and LPN2!!! We are so happy!!!  Smile


Debinka was on heat in July so we decided to have her mated. This time we chose for her a beautiful German dog Taifun-Suski Leo v. Jerichower Land


And we managed! Tongue Out 7 puppies of G litter were born on October 13, four males and three females.


The puppies grew up quickly and soon they were ready to leave for their new families. Only Gessy and Golda had to wait for their new homes because they both needed to have their rabies antibody tests done first.


In December 6, we had to have our Barča put to sleep. Cry She suffered from osteosarcoma in a front leg.

Barča, sweetheart, we miss you so much... We'll never forget...


A couple of photos of our dogs, the last one with Barča...



The end of 2013 and first months of 2014 were filled with learning and playing with Gessy and Golda. We organized first meetings of the G-puppies - a rollick in Mirošov, a walk to Kozel and a farewell party in Mirošov before Golda's and Gessa's departure.

Both girls finally left for Israel, Gessy followed Fairy and her pack of Bernese mountain dogs and Golda went to her family where she was awaited impatiently by her friend Joy.

Since we didn't manage to arrange our traditional weekend meeting in autumn, we met in spring instead, shortly after Gessa's and Golda's departure. This time we had it all organized. We stayed in Na Celnici Guest House and the programme was called Wandering with Dogs. We had a great fun! The weather was perfect, sunny till Saturday night with a mild wind... what else could we wish in late March? Smile

Tess took part in three shows this year. In Brno she got Excellent and second place and res.CAC. At Club Show in Zubří she was Excellent 3, and then Excellent 1 and Winner of Class in Příbram. Fabík and Engi attended Zubří show too, both getting Excellent in very tough competition. Well done! Příbram was a premiere show for Gardo. He and his owner look great together and it's only fair that he won his class and was Very Promising 1.

Tess succeeded in breeding test at the club meeting in May 14 and became a breeding female. She made us really happy! Tess has HD A/A, ED 0/0, LPN1 N/N and LPN2 N/N. The tasmanian devil has changed into a beautiful and friendly young lady. Smile