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Trips with our leos


We love walking and going for trips with our friends and relations. You will find photos taken during the meeting of Bessy, Bára and their offsprings in this gallery, too. It is wonderful to watch how these little bears are turning into handsome dog gentlemen and beautiful dog ladies Smile

Our walk around Šternberku has become a tradition. For the first time, we walked with Bessy in December 2007. The staff of Parkhotel is always friendly, welcoming us with open arms and hands full of bars for our dogs.

Another traditional walk of ours - Advent Kouřim - 2010, 2011 a 2012.

Our last walk of the year is always somewhere near Mirošov. In 2009, we walked on Kolvín, in 2010 we went around Mirošov, in 2011, we walked as far as ponds Padrťské rybníky and in 2012, we wandered around Drštka Castle.

We like going for trips to zoos, not only in Prague, but in Dvůr Králové, too - 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012 a 2013. Here we compare our dogs with ponnies, zebras and Prevalsky horses - guess who is bigger!!!

We also organized several weekend meetings, first two in Ejpovice in May 2010 and in September 2011 and the third one in June 2012 in Mirošov. We enjoyed ourselves very much and are definitely going to continue with this tradition.