Kennel Od Brdské studánky

New photos of Isaac, Isabella and Isis
Written on 30.12.2019

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Puppies Henry & Niila
Written on 30.12.2019

Henry and Niila have 10 Welpen - 5 males and 5 females :) Congratulations!!!

 Aldibaras kennel - puppies

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PF 2020
Written on 15.12.2019

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Puppies in their new homes
Written on 14.12.2019

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Puppies are eight weeks old
Written on 05.12.2019

Vrh I Vrh I


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Henry & Niila
Written on 03.12.2019

Henry od Brdské studánky & Faithful Amigo Eau de Chanel

Niila is pregnant !!!

Henry + Niila

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