Kennel Od Brdské studánky

Puppies are three weeks old
Written on 31.10.2019

Vrh I Vrh I Vrh I


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Puppies are two weeks old
Written on 24.10.2019

Vrh I Vrh I Vrh I Vrh I


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Litter G celebrate 6th birthday!
Written on 13.10.2019


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We have puppies !!!
Written on 12.10.2019

* 10.10.2019 ... 6 puppies !!!

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Litter CH celebrate 2nd birthday
Written on 01.10.2019

Our Šarlotka and her siblings (litter CH) are celebrating 2nd birthday today. Happy birthday !!!

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Litter E celebrates 9th birthday!
Written on 28.09.2019


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