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What's next ... 2015-2017

Tess went into heat right at the beginning of 2015. She was mated with a beautiful male Dexter v. Nonnenwald. Dexter is imported from Germany and he is a typical well-built leon with lovely hair, a black mask and dark eyes.

Ten puppies of Litter H were born on March 9, 2015.

They were little giants and grew up very fast...

Soon they were ready to leave for their new families and we were in a quandary which female would stay with us. They all were very beautiful. Finally we chose Běla, a female with a white stripe Tongue Out

Litter B celebrated their 10th birthday in May. Just Ben lived to this age. We wish him robust health. Smile

It was a strange period, full of joy of breeding Tess's puppies but also full of grief - Deb died of cancer and a couple of months later we lost Fab too. We miss you both a lot, sweeties....

The next year we didn't do anything important except a few trips and walks... Cool See more in the gallery ....

A big change came with Chiky, a Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka, who joined our pack. From the point of view of a leonberger owner, she was just a tiny hairy ball Wink I was worried about her but she got used to her big friends very quickly and they got used to her. She plays tag and hide and seek with Běla, and when getting tired, she lies down on her heated mat - Tess. She sleeps on her or on her bushy tail.

Chiky and Běla attended their first show in June 2016 in national dog show Klatovy. Chiky got Very promissing 1 in a Puppy Class and Běla in Intermediate Class Excellent 2 and r.CAC.


Henry od Brdské studánky took part in the Special Leonberger Show in Náměšť na Hané in July and was very successful, getting V1, CAJC and even BOJ!!! Many thanks for his great presentation of our kennel and ones again Congratulations !!!

The first photo with a cup and a cockade was taken after the show, the others are from his visit in Mirošov. Bělinka enjoyed playing with her brother appreciating the fact there was someone at her weight category to play with at last. Innocent What a pity it was raining all the time and both of them were soaking wet.Cool


In the autumn, Henry od Brdské studánky attended a club show in Zubří where he came 3rd getting Excellent!!! Congratulations!!!

Běla was in Zubří too, she passed first step of being able to breed - checking of young dogs Cool


From January to May, our girl dogs celebrated their birthday gradually. First it was Chiky's first birthday, then Běla's second in March, and finally Tess's fifth in May.


Běla succeeded in breeding test at the club meeting in May 17 and became a breeding female. She made us really happy! Běla has 70cm, 71 kg, HD A/A, ED 0/0, LPN1 N/N and LPN2 N/N. Our puppy has grown into a typical Leon lady - well-built and friendly. Smile


And as usual, plenty of trips and walks followed.... Cool