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Ody od Pálfych
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Xena v. Nonnenwald
Rosaceae Thevetia
Rosaceae Thevetia
Amicus Optimus Antonius
Amicus Optimus Antonius
Rosaceae Zea
Rosaceae Zea

Welpen - Wurf H - März 2015


Geburtsdatum: 9.3.2015

4 Rüden und 6 Hündinnen


Mutter: Rosaceae Thevetia "Tessa"  

Rosaceae Thevetia - welpen Rosaceae Thevetia - wurf leonberger

HD: A / A     ED: 0 / 0     LPN1: N / N     LPN2: N / N

Vater: Dexter v. Nonnenwald
Dexter Nonnenwald welpen Dexter Nonnenwald

HD: B / A     LPN1: N / N     LPN2: N / N


Marcela Bursová

Vojtěcha Nejedlého 76, 33843 Mirošov

tel.: +420 732 491 571

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Nur Englisch...

Our breeding kennel Od Brdské studánky was registrated in 2002. We named the kennels after our favourite place in Brdy Woods where we often go for a walk.

How did our life with Leonbergers begin? How did we choose this breed? Our grand mother wanted a black dog, parents preferred a middle-sized one to be kept outside the house (that was their priority) Wink so we chose Leonberger that definitely met all these conditions!Tongue Out

Bessy - Bessy pod Tisem - our first leonberger - was born 16.5.1998 in the kennels of Pod tisem owned by Petr Blecha from Čelákovice. Bessy had 3 brothers and 5 sisters. We brought her home in July 1998. When my aunt first saw her, she called her Medoušek (Honey) Cool All her family called Bessy this way since then. Bessy was a lively puppy and we realized very soon that it would be necessary to find some fun and entertainment for her because, to be honest, we did not appreciate her games as a "Trench Warfare" or "Gnaw-This-Trees-or-I-will" too much Wink

We had no experience regarding dogs and their training so that we started attending training grounds - obedience is important for leons, too. The grounds were a village, nearly family place. We did a few excercises and figures but could not find any helper for defence - once they learnt the dog was a leongerger, they refused immediately - God knows why.

From time to time we went tracking - Bes was excellent in it. Then we released our dogs and chatted while they were playing. We were so sorry when the grounds were closed in 2003 and sold as a building site, and that the town of Mirosov did not back cynologists up, even did not offer them another place. We did not understand why.

It is true that only three or four people used to train their dogs regularly there but me and Vladěn decided to raise our symbolic protest voice and take at least the Basic Obedience Exam (ZZO). Our dogs - Cir (Alsatian) and Bes both passed successfully.

Bes was always eager to train, every Saturday she still led me to the grounds in spite of the fact they had already been closed for weeks/months. She simply did not understand, too.

Bessy had twelve lovely and healthy puppies in two litters. Father of the first litter (A) being a beautiful dog from the Czech breed - Arny Danův přítel. On May 1, 2003, six puppies were born, two males Alf and Assan, and four females Aida, Asta, Arka, and Alma. Assan (called Berny) was allowed to breed in May 2005. Assan is father of four litters nine puppies were born in the Od Bučického mlýna kennel, three in Golden Elf kennel, four in Čejiva 4 kennel and six puppies in kennel Zelená míle. Some of Assan's puppies breed and have excellent results at dog shows which makes us really happy.

Father of the second litter (B) is Plet, a fine robust dog from the Danish breed - Khaimas' Just Incredible. The puppies were born on May 18, 2005, first Borris, Ben, Bad, Bary and Barros came into world followed by the only female of the litter Barča. Bára stayed with us to become Besa's successor. From this litter, two dogs are allowed to breed - our Barča and male Borris. He became a proud father of 6 puppies in kennel z Řešetovských pastvin.

Barča - Bára od Brdské studánky so different from a spontaneous Bess, has always behaved as a real lady. A sort of hypocrisy from her side, I am afraid, because a little devil hidden inside her sometimes says his bit as well :-) She loves soft cuddly toys but treats them carefully - e.g. she has had her cat since birth. Only she always snatches their eyes Wink maybe not to be watched and keep her privacy when playing with them :-)

Unlike Bes, Bára was growing symmetrically and when she was eight months old, she was of the same height as Bes and the weighed 43 kg. Then she started to hárat u psů nevím and since then kept her slim build, driving us crazy. She ate everything - sweets, meat, dry food, eggs... as if she was afraid that something could jump out of the food and bite her. Her puberty ended up two years later. Then she put on several kilos. In February 2008 she weighs 53 kg and reached the final weight of 58 kg (2012). After several failures when she tried to get food together with the platem - can perfectly steal food in the way Bes used to do it Wink

Having two dogs is a fun and I can recommend it to everybody. They invent new and new games, hunt cats, tussle about toys and cats, steal food... so there is always a lot to watch! Even passers-by often stopped to watch them. Also, walking with two BIG dogs makes you look imposing and noble, even dangerous (or at least people with small dogs think so).

Bára was allowed to breed in autumn 2007. We looked forward to having puppies looked after by their mum as well as by grandma. It would have been interesting experience for us. Unfortunately, Bessy, our Medoušek - Honey, Bessinka, Brusinka, did not live long enough to see her daughter's offspring. She died in January 2008. We all miss her a lot.

Yet we decided to cover Bára. We chose a young German dog Jökull Löwe von Walhall. On April 4, 2008, ten puppies - litter C - were born. The delivery was long but Bára managed it without trouble which unfortunately could not be said about us: it was our first experience with such a large litter and things did not go as smoothly as we had expected. Bára did her best to help us but still there was a lot of work left to us. Feeding puppies with milk was brand new experience for us. At first, they did not like it too much but quickly realized what was going on and started hunting us like little hungry raptors, unforgettable Fialka's "first words" being: "Yummy yummy" in my tummy Wink. The next two months turned our hair grey and our faces wrinkled but first of all supplied us with outstanding experience. We had a wonderful time with the puppies. Our decision to keep all the puppies at home for eight weeks turned to be a great idea. We could watch our sweet seven-week old doggies changing into a demolition squad.

Of all the litter, Fialka (Comtesa) was the liveliest and most forceful, and I do dare to call her its most distinctive personality .

Once again I would like to thank to all people who helped us or were helpful with their advice. Wink

Female Cordula and male Cyril were allowed to breed in 2012. We wish them good luck and plenty of breeding achievements.

We had been thinking about buying a male dog for some time. When Bess died, it was clear we would have to find a new friend for Bára. We contacted the Norwegian kennel Aldibaras. We wrote to the breeder and waited eagerly wondering if she would agree and if there would be a puppy left for us. And she agreed! Great! Unfortunately, all males from the litter had already been booked, so that we had to wait for the results of the next mating. And we were lucky! During four hours, Kraka gave a birth to thirteen lovely healthy puppies, nine males and four females - enough to choose from! We were finally offered the one with a gold ribbon - Aldibara's Climbs Mt Brdy in Czech We decided to call him Fabián. A Czech legend says that Fabián is a good spirit of the Brdy woods. But later we learn that it was the name of a robbery-knight, too Cool
Fabián belonged to the most lively puppies. I don't know how the breeder managed to guess, but he has exactly the same temperament and character as Bessy had. Our life will be a far cry from boredom, then! He has been playing tricks since the first day he arrived at his new home. Bára has already been stolen all her toys and even lost her beloved den - the robber-knight has come out, then! Tongue Out He has also siezed my winter jacket. It became his favourite blanket on the way home and he still continues taking it to his den to sleep on it. Fortunately, he doesn't destroy things.
Bára immediately recognized her big (though still quite little) chum in him and began teaching him how to carry toys and chase cats. Ducks and hens are possible to chase, too. What a fun!
As a welcome gift, Fabián received a one-metre long cuddly tiger. He quickly grasped what it was for. He keeps practising several times a day.
Once again, many thanks to all of you who helped us to get a puppy to our home.

First half of 2009 was an exciting period of waiting for new puppies. We bought toys and prepared books, collars, leashes and beds for them - maybe a little early, but they will sure come useful. When born, the puppies will take all our time.

Fabíkhas grown very fast, a sweet little puppy change into a beautiful dog. We guess he is 74 cm and 56 kg, enough for a ten-month puppy. In fact, he is as heavy as Bára now. He took part in several shows. The first national show in Klatovy was most successful for him - he received his first CAJC. Then we appeared on a few small district and regional shows. Fabián's results and judgements were very good but it didn't seem to make him happy, he looked very bored. In spite of having been enlisted in several more shows, we don't want to torture him and will prefer going for a trip a walk instead.

In June Barča started being in heat so we could set off to see her bridegroom at last. This time we had chosen a dog from the Netherlands - Rosaceae Amaranthus, called Amore. It is a really beautiful, strong, typical leon with lovely fur, exactly a sort of male that Bára needs. As a bonus, he is goodtempered and friendly, it's really possible to say he loves people. Our trip was great, too, we had a very nice weather and saw lots of interesting new things. Holland is the right place for those loving travelling and nature, we can recommend it!

Our trip to Holland was successful. On August 31, Bára easily delivered eight puppies - litter D. though sonography had expected only five. And five were really delivered during first two hours. Then Barca fell asleep. We were happy how quick it was, but after three hours she woke up and to our surprise delivered one more, then another, and another. Finally, there were five males and three females.

Barča did not manage to feed them so we started feeding them soon. This litter was very different from the previous ones - they were all the time hungry! We even had to stint food for "Mastík". If we hadn't, he would have looked like a ball very soon. And the puppies showed the same spontaneity when playing - we loved watching them and they loved their toys, they really proved worth buying.

Fabián appeared to be an excellent nanny. Being just one year older, it often looked we have 9 puppies :-)

We had decided to keep one female puppy. Finally, we chose a "blue" one, mainly because of her good relationship with Fabián and Bára. Let me introduce her to you ... Debbie od Brdské studánky !!!

From this litter is allowed to breed our Debbie and also her wonderful brother Danny. We wish both of them lots of success and good luck!

In 2010 and 2011 we gathered experience and took part in a lot of shows - 15 in Bohemia, three in Slovakia and six in Croatia. And there was nothing to be ashamed of! All the dogs - Barča, Debbie and Fabián , were mostly excellent. Of course, we still need to learn a lot.

It'd be very interesting to compare our three Croatian trips - one to Varaždin in June 2010, the other to Osijek in September 2010, and Sinjin August 2011. But it'd mean to compare incomparable so I'll mention just Debbie's's excellent result - she met the criteria of the Croatian Junior Championship, getting 5x CAJC, and Fabián became Champion of Croatia.

Bára's offsprings made us very happy with their show achievements, especially great success of one of them - Danny od Brdské studánky. Danny is always liked by judges. He has been awarded the title of Best of Breed several times. He also managed to meet the requirements of getting the Czech Junior Champion and the Czech Champion titles very quickly. In 2011, he won a club show KCHL and received the Club Winner 2011 title. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, we escaped the series of bad news. Assanwas diagnosed with cancer the front legs. Borris eye cancer. Both had to be sleep. After her six-month fight and several operations, Aida had to be put to sleep as well cause her badly hurt paw couldn't be cured.

The empty place in Aida's family was to be filled soon. When Bára started to be on heat three months later, it was a sort of happy omen. There was no time to waste deciding about the mail so that we chose experienced and reliable Amore. And he succeeded! Two months later, nine lovely puppies were born. Almost the same day they were delivered, Amore won the Honorary Class in a German club show in Leonberg, and a week later he succeeded again, winning the Champion Class in another club show in France.

As soon as they were born, it became clear that E puppies are related to D puppies. The same predatoriness, the same buoyancy and appetite. And they were growing so fast...

And growing...

Fabík became a devoted nanny again, helping Barča to lick her puppies and playing with them. Debbie, their older sister, helped to look after them outside, being Bára's great help, too.

Fabík grew up to be a beautiful dog allowed to breed from 2011.

We wanted to make Debbie breed in the same year. Before the bonitation, however, she had to take part in an obligatory show. Therefore, we registered her for the show in Klatovy. Something surprising happened in Klatovy - Debbie got Klatovy 2011 National Winner title, and Best of Breed title!!! We are very proud of her! Tongue Out

This way, Debbie met all the conditions necessary for breeding and in the autumn, she went throuh the bonitation, too.

Now all she needs is to find the right bridegroom... We have chosen a young dog from Rosaceae kennel - Rosaceae Juncelles "Flinn". Flinn is a beautiful big dog with long fur, a very black mask and eyes, and very friendly behaviour. Debbie liked him so much that on February 1, 2012, she delivered 5 lovely puppies of litter F - 4 males and 1 female.

Look how fast they were growing...

and growing...

Quickly, they were ready to leave us and go to their new families. Only Fairy's family had to wait for her for a while, because she needed to be tested for for rabies first. We got used to her during the two months and were really sad when she finally left us. And not only us, but all pack of our dogs.

Therefore - although we had never wanted more than three dogs - therefore we got in touch our friends from Rosaceae kennels and a few days later, we brought Tess. Full of energy and never idle, she started digging the garden immediately as well as fishing in a nearby pond and rebuilding our house. After a few hours, we began calling her "Little Tasmanian Devil".

Oh, I almost forgot - Tess's official name is Rosaceae Thevetia which is a sort of oleander.

We love walking and going for trips with our friends and relations. You will find photos taken during the meeting of Bessy, Bára and their offsprings in this gallery, too. It is wonderful to watch how these little bears are turning into handsome dog gentlemen and beautiful dog ladies Smile

Our walk around Šternberku has become a tradition. For the first time, we walked with Bessy in December 2007. The staff of Parkhotel is always friendly, welcoming us with open arms and hands full of bars for our dogs.

Another traditional walk of ours - Advent Kouřim - 2010, 2011 a 2012.

Our last walk of the year is always somewhere near Mirošov. In 2009, we walked on Kolvín, in 2010 we went around Mirošov, in 2011, we walked as far as ponds Padrťské rybníky and in 2012, we wandered around Drštka Castle.

We like going for trips to zoos, not only in Prague, but in Dvůr Králové, too - 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012 a 2013. Here we compare our dogs with ponnies, zebras and Prevalsky horses - guess who is bigger!!!

We also organized several weekend meetings, first two in Ejpovice in May 2010 and in September 2011 and the third one in June 2012 in Mirošov. We enjoyed ourselves very much and are definitely going to continue with this tradition.

In September 2010, I was asked by magazine "Pes přítel člověka" to write an article about Leonbergers. I agreed and after a long fight, I produced an article, supplemented with opinions of other breeders, owners and vets. It came out in the November issue. You decide what it is like. There were two photos of D-puppies and a picture of Fabián published with it. It made us very happy.

Our dogs share the house with our cats and in spring also with Zofinka, our turtle (her summer house is in the greenhouse). They meet our once wild, now domestic ducks, too, and sometimes they even have to face Cool hens that succeeded in overflying the fence. Otherwise, though, the hen house is a prohibited area for our dogs, not because they could hurt the hens, but because they would not leave any eggs for us Cool (the ducks have already learnt this, too).
In summer our leonbergers change into shepard dogs Wink and look after our herd of sheep. They usually accompany my father and because both the sheep and dogs have already learnt all dos and don'ts, there are no problems with them. But when they are with me, they show off: once Bes detached a lamb from the herd and drove it to me being very surprised that I was not about to bite it and eat it Tongue Out In fact, she was lucky that I did not swallowed up HER.

We can watch a stork nest from our yard with its residents fighting for it and their right to raise their young ones there who, as soon as they learn to fly, set off for their long journey to the south - of course we do not watch their migration CONTINUOUSLY, they just do not return home one day and their nest becomes an empty and sad place for the rest of autumn and whole winter.

For about two years or so, the storks have been trying to build up a new nest. The chimney of the former bakery seems to be a perfect place for them but its owners do not agree and therefore foil all their attempts. Last year one stork got so furious that it landed in the street and started pecking parking cars.

We hope you will enjoy our website.